Embracing Change.

A.I. as a catalyst for positive transformation

As one of the contributors for change, we want to transform with positive impact for companies, their employees and customers equally. Fact is: Technology is real. Technology is transformative. It’s provenly the worst strategy to not ride the waves but instead make use of the benefits that the technology brings.

Understanding the impact of AI in the Food Service Industry

Relieve, Don't Release.
Our technology complements your workforce

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Job Preservation and Enhancement

Our technology is designed to complement the workforce, so VisioLabs self-checkout system does not eliminate cashier jobs. Instead, it enables cashiers to manage multiple cash registers simultaneously. Freeing them up to focus on customer service and enhancing their role within the company. We are primarily reducing the bottleneck that cashiers can only manage one point-of-sale at a time.

Redefining Roles for Better Customer Service

We focus on building the best software and use the best hardware available - the Apple iPad. This is more cost-effective and reliable for your business while we eliminate a need for difficult maintenance agreements.

Changing the Status Quo to a Status Pro

Increasing Job Attractiveness

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How "cashiers“ become A.I. Operators in hospitality

With the introduction of VisioLab’s food recognition system for self-checkouts, we are transforming this job profile in a way that it becomes a much more interesting option even for young people.

We believe that in a few years from now the job title of a “Cashier” will transform into an “A.I. Operator in Service and Hospitality". This significantly increases the attractiveness of an entire job profile and the company alike.

Reducing Labor Shortage

Searching for reliable workers for your Point of Sale becomes increasingly challenging with our current demographic situation. This leads to longer queuing times in restaurants which leads to decreased customer satisfaction. Visiolab addresses this problem and brings good customer experiences into the center of attention in hospitality.

Cashier Existence is a Paradox

The reason cashiers exist is to manage the transaction between the business and the guest. The whole purpose of this job profile today is not to enhance the business or guest experience but instead it provides a customer to machine interface.

With our technology we are enabling the entire industry to reframe the purpose of staff dealing with this crucial part of the business and freeing them up to focus on what matters more - an improved guest experience and the delivery of stunning customer service.

Benefits Illustration

Focus on great guest experience

From our experience in the food service industry, we see the focus and emphasis that companies are putting on a great guest experience and high quality food. Due to business needs, like the need for payments, this focus breaks when it comes to the service experience that is equally important to the overall guest experience. With the introduction of VisioLab’s food recognition system for self-checkouts, we are transforming the process to a new level.

How employees benefit from transformative A.I. technologies

Transformation Benefits for Employees

Skill development. Growth
opportunities for your staff

As our self-checkout system handles routine tasks, it provides employees  the opportunity to learn new skills and focus on more meaningful work, such as customer service or problem-solving. This provenly leads to increased job satisfaction and opportunities for professional growth within the company.

Transformation Benefits for Employees

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our AI-powered system can save companies time and money by reducing the need for additional staff during peak hours or managing multiple cash registers. These savings can be redirected towards employee benefits, training, or other initiatives that promote a positive work environment and contribute to the long-term success of the company and its employees. Rather than reducing the workforce, we see that companies have more opportunities to reward their existing employees, as human resources are becoming scarcer and therefore more valuable to the company.

Transformation Benefits for Employees

Data security. Privacy for employees

Many worry that camera installations compromise employee privacy due to continuous data transmission. While some systems do pose this problem, Visiolab’s design ensures privacy protection.

Most companies place cameras at high points or ceilings, capturing wide, identifiable views of staff and guests, infringing on privacy.

In contrast, Visiolab's hardware offers a narrow view, avoiding any identification of individuals present. Moreover, sophisticated software disables processing of irrelevant imagery, focusing solely on food recognition. For further details, feel free to contact us.

Commonly asked questions by labor union members

Do we pay extra for new features?


No. All updated and upgrades of the system is fully included so that every customer is equally profiting from the evolution of the product and technology.

Will the introduction of this technology lead to increased surveillance or a loss of privacy for employees?


The product and field of view is designed in a way that privacy of employees will not be compromised. While at the same time it's not recording anything. Therefore it can not be misused for surveillance and does not compromise privacy of employees.

What are benefits for employees?


Employees benefit from the automation of repetitive, time-consuming and potentially stressful work. This frees up time to focus on more meaningful tasks in operations that will make overall operations much smoother while offering opportunities to grow and develop new skills.

Why visual Food Recognition is technology for winners


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  • A.I. is not taking jobs of employees
  • A.I. is not releasing but relieving employees
  • We enable to reframe the job and make it more attractive
  • We make employers more attractive
  • We give employees the option for growth and skill development
  • We enable to provide better service and guest experience
  • There are no privacy concerns due to the system design

We help you navigate through change

Introducing new technologies is always an undertaking on its own. Our experienced team is supporting you through the entire journey. We are coming on-site to install and integrate the systems.

Then we stay for 3 days in total to train your staff and make sure everyone understands how to work with the new changes.

When we leave, your entire team will be prepared for all daily routines. In case any questions come up, you can reach us and our customer support will help you to get things up to speed.

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