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Food recognition for canteens

Better canteen experiences with less investment

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Serve more customers with less staff

Each system can process an average of 500 customers in one shift without a need for a cashier

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No clunky hardware that needs maintenance

We focus on building the best software and use the best hardware available - the Apple iPad. This is more cost-effective and reliable for your business while we eliminate a need for difficult maintenance agreements.

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No queues during peak times

Fast processing of every individual customer enables us to significantly shorten the overall amount and length of all your canteen queues.

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Faster than a human

Our Self-Checkout A.I. instantly recognizes food items and enables immediate payment for faster throughput than human cashiers.

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Ultra fast ROI

Increase your throughput, improve customer experience, 
and level up your canteen at a fraction of the current costs.

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Incredibly simple

No matter how high the technology affinity is in your operating teams and among your customers. Our products are so simple that a 5-year-old can operate them.

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Easy payment

Whether MobilePay, credit card or other payment methods, we work with all major payment service providers.

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Dish flexibility

Got a new entrée or special of the day? 
We can recognize and add it to the database in a matter of seconds.

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Data protection

No image ends up in the cloud unless you say so.

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We support you during change management

Our experienced onboarding staff will help you step by step throughout the rollout of the systems and the training of your employees. No matter how difficult the change is in your organization, we will guide you through the transition.


We can set you up in a day

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Step 1

Import Meal Plan

Import or create your custom weekly menu plan on the iPad or in any browser.

Step 2

Train AI

With the iPad and a few photos of each dish, the AI can be trained. To do so, the images are put into the database and the system is ready for recognition in less than 3 minutes!

Step 3


Slide your items underneath the iPad and our AI will recognize everything in real time. Then tap to pay, and you're good to go.

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We don't leave you alone

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We are proud of the amazing service provided by our onboarding and support team throughout the entire customer relationship.

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Our deep experience in rolling out systems across the industry gives us the expertise to ideally support our clients.

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No experience needed

From technically inexperienced employees who need more training to operational staff concerns, we are there to help and guide them through the change management process.

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Immediately exchange

Our light-weight system requires no maintenance and in case anything ever happens, we'll replace it and get it up and running again the same day.

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