Faster than a human. Simply on an iPad.

Our iPad app automates the checkout at your POS and provide 10x faster throughput than a human cashier.

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Illustration of a Statistic Analyze

Innovative technology for your company

A.I.-based self-checkout systems are the future of catering

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We make catering more lucrative

Our A.I.-driven self-checkout system introduces the amount of automation that you need at your POS to serve more customers faster and to reduce your overall operational cost significantly. This enables you to provide your services in a more lucrative and viable way than ever.

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Faster than a human

We process an average of 500 customers per shift on one system. With two systems, you have already at least doubled your throughput at the POS.

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No queues during peak times

By fastening the throughput, you have shorter queues and more satisfied customers. Also, how about extending your opening hours?

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Your customers will love it

Customers that have integrated Visiolab’s self-checkout system all report the enthusiasm and happiness of their customers. See it for yourself.

Best-in-class in terms of integration, reliability and usability

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Hardware that needs no maintenance

We are focusing on building the best software and don’t bother trying to build hardware. Instead, we use the market leading Apple iPad. This reduces your need for expensive maintenance and long-term uncertainty. In case of errors, you can simply swap out the iPad and get things going in no-time.

You are set up
in a day

We are blazingly fast in the installation and training of your staff. Due to our simple integration to all major POS systems and an intuitive user interface, we need approx. 4 hours to process the first payments through our self-checkout A.I..

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Gather the best
POS insights

Our Analytics dashboard VisioHub provides you with all relevant POS insights that let you make wiser decisions on your menu planning and sales.

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Imagine a cashier that operates 6 POS at once

The role of a cashier changes to a more service and experience centered person with self-checkout systems. Instead of standing at one POS and processing payments, the cashier can monitor multiple POS and ensure the customers have a welcoming and friendly experience during payment.

Everything that an A.I. based self-checkout for catering needs

Visual recognition


At the heart of our technology is real-time visual recognition of dishes, drinks and food. Your guests simply place their tablet under the iPad's camera, blink once and our AI has recognized all the products. Then place the card on the terminal to pay and take more time into the break.

New dishes


Your latest own creations and daily updated dishes are no problem for us. Within minutes and with just a few clicks, you add your products for recognition. The focus of the technology is on the human being, for easy learning without extensive training or advanced training. A piece of cake, in use to make your life easier and give your guests the best possible experience in your company restaurant.

Picture that represents how the Onboarding Feature of VisioLab works
Picture that represents how the Lookalike Feature of VisioLab works
Doppelganger management


Your dishes, drinks or meals that look very similar are not a difficulty thanks to our Lookalike feature. The customers is shown an intuitive pop-up window where they can manually select which dish it is exactly. In this way we achieve that there are no restrictions in the creation of your dishes and menus.

manage ALL Combinations

Combo Manager

Menus are part of your daily business and can easily be created with our Combo Manager. You can choose freely from any dish, drink or dessert and put it into Combination. The AI recognize those and customers who checkout with everything of the Menu will automatically get the correct Indication on display and pricing.

Picture that represents how the Combo Manager Feature of Visiolab works

Real time analysis

We note, sort and analyze which products you sold on which day at which price and also in which combination.

Get to know your true best sellers and understand the behavior of your guests. In this way, you design optimal resource and deployment planning along the needs of your customers, for the gastronomic experience of tomorrow.

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It’s extremely simple to get started

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Take your time
and test it

Start with a simple 4-week pilot project instead of making uninformed transformative decisions. Our onboarding team visits you on-site, installs the systems and helps your team get started. We cover the training of your staff and ensure that customers get a welcoming onboarding experience.

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GDPR and Data
protection at the heart

Our food recognition happens on the iPad. No image ends up in the cloud unless you say so. If you do, we store the data safely, securely and protected in GDPR-compliant servers in the cloud and in the region of your choice.

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Integrating to your
existing systems

There is no need for expensive new rollouts of your entire POS stack. We integrate with a large number of existing cash registers that are commonly used in our industry. See the full list of our integration partners.

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Book a demo with our sales team and see our technology in action. Speak to one of our customers to hear more about the experience made on a daily basis and the seamlessness of integrating high-tech into the daily operational routine.