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Visual recognition

The heart of our technology is the real-time visual item detector which is capable of accurately recognizing any food item, plated dish, or drink. All your guests have to do is place their meal under the iPad's camera, tap their card, and they are off to enjoying their meal!

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New Dishes

From seasonal meal items to specials of the day, our onboarding flow will allow you to update your dish database in just a matter of minutes. We have designed onboarding process so that it is as intuitive and easy to learn as possible. No extensive training required, so that you can focus of what matters, making sure your guests are getting the best experience.

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Real-time Data

We collect, sort, and analyze a variety of data like which items were best sellers, what time they sold at, and customer satisfaction. With these optimized resources, you'll be able to cater towards your guests' needs and provide them with the canteen experience of tomorrow.


We use the best technology has to offer with the Apple M1 iPad Pro and a custom height and depth adjustable stand with anti-theft. Setup is quick and easy and all hardware is insured up to 90% along with 24h replacement devices. Our premium hardware is designed to adapt to your environment and is built to last.

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Create menus or import data from your existing inventory management system with our menu planner. Using a computer or iPad, you can quickly connect your dishes to the corresponding POS data and have your entire inventory ready for automated checkout.

Predictive Analytics

We are currently in the process of developing a predictive analytics platform that will leverage our machine learning technology to help you make better business decisions. Get forecasts for future sales, predicted foot traffic, and receive optimized menu plans. Create transparency with regards to your carbon footprint and learn how to link higher profitability with greener behavior.


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