Self-Checkout for retail without barcodes

Letting your customers scan barcodes is not the solution to your problems. Visual A.I.-based self-checkout systems are.

Bolt new ideas are being accepted if you re-think your customer experience. Not by letting them do the work that you don't want to.

Use ai to digitize your pos

Better customer experiences with less investment

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Less queues, better customer experiences, more profit

Customer's enjoy self-checkout experiences, but they don't enjoy to do the work that cashiers were doing in the past. A.I. helps you to make the experience much simpler for your customers and let them check-out instantly.

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Unburden your staff

Having self-checkout systems at your POS will give your staff time they need to do other work in your stores. You are unburdening them and freeing up their time so that you have more resource to bring your store experience from good to great.

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Increase opening hours

How about having active POS running while there is no POS staff available? You can simply extend your hours of operation with automated and A.I.-based self-checkout system

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Save cost and overhead

An A.I.-based self-checkout costs less than hiring a new cashier, is never sick and never comes late to work. It’s cost-effective to manage, scale and operate.

Frequently asked questions

Can the system stand autonomously?


Yes - the systems can also automate the checkout process on their own.

Do we pay extra for new features?


No - you don't have to pay extra for new features. We are constantly evolving and you benefit from it, without additional costs.

Is it possible to use digital receipts?


Yes - After each payment, the customer gets the option to scan a QR code with their mobile phone and the receipt is available directly and digitally.

Do I have to buy a new cash register?


No. In most cases, we integrate into your existing POS. Reach out to find out more about it.

We help you navigate through change

Introducing new technologies is always an undertaking on its own. Our experienced team is supporting you through the entire journey. We are coming on-site to install and integrate the systems.

Then we stay for 3 days in total to train your staff and make sure everyone understands how to work with the new changes.

When we leave, your entire team will be prepared for all daily routines. In case any questions come up, you can reach us and our customer support will help you to get things up to speed.

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