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Best-in-class in terms of integration, reliability and usability

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Unburden your

Instead of letting your cashiers do the hard work at the POS, you can let them focus on what matters more. Providing a great canteen experience. Cashiers can oversee multiple systems at once and provide service where needed.

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love us

The futuristic look and experience using our A.I. based self-checkout systems are exciting to students on a daily basis. It increases the overall satisfaction of students with their daily-visited canteens.

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Increase opening

With our self-checkout systems, your canteen is not limited to a few peak hours every day. Once your cashiers are busy with other tasks, you can simply let the systems run and automate the POS.


We can set you up in a day

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Step 1

Import Meal Plan

Import or create your custom weekly menu plan on the iPad or in any browser.

Step 2

Train AI

With the iPad and a few photos of each dish, the AI can be trained. To do so, the images are put into the database and the system is ready for recognition in less than 3 minutes!

Step 3


Slide your items underneath the iPad and our AI will recognize everything in real time. Then tap to pay, and you're good to go.

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We help you navigate through change

Introducing new technologies is always an undertaking on its own. Our experienced team is supporting you through the entire journey. We are coming on-site to install and integrate the systems.

Then we stay for 3 days in total to train your staff and make sure everyone understands how to work with the new changes.

When we leave, your entire team will be prepared for all daily routines. In case any questions come up, you can reach us and our customer support will help you to get things up to speed.

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Book a demo with our sales team and see our technology in action. Speak to one of our customers to hear more about the experience made on a daily basis and the seamlessness of integrating high-tech into the daily operational routine.