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Our casestudy provides a good overview of how our systems can make your everyday life easier and enhance your customers experience. Communicated openly and honestly by people who have been using and loving our self-checkout solution on a daily basis for a long time.

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project Introduction

Presentation of the Student Union‍

Challenges and requirements in the catering industry

Why the Student Union chose VisioLab‍

The Result

Frequently asked questions

How does the AI training work?


For training the AI, you take 5 photos of each dish in our app only once. Then click "Train AI" and that's it. Simple and intuitive.

How long does it take to train the AI?


The training of the AI takes about 3-5 minutes.

What construction measures are necessary?


None - our systems comes with a mobile bracket and can be placed where it suits you best. No construction measures or changes of any kind are necessary.

Do we get support with the implementation of the systems?


As a matter of course. Our experienced onboarding staff will support you in the gradual introduction of the systems and the training of your employees - we will accompany you during the changeover.