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Already perfectly harmonized with VisioLab, Ingenico steps up the payment game with our AI-enhanced checkout technology.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for the integration?


Weather or not the integration requires any additional payment is dependent on the pricing policy of your POS provider. VisioLab is not charging any additional fees for POS integrations. Some POS providers however ask their customers for additional payment to enable extensions to their systems. Simply reach out to us and share the information on which POS provider you have and we will help you.

How are you connecting to the PoS?


We are connecting the POS either via your network or bluetooth. We offer all possible ways to connect and have no preference. The best connection to choose from depends on whatever is most reliable at your POS location. VisioLab's self-checkout is flexible in it's connectivity options.

Can you also connect via Ethernet?


Yes. You can also use ethernet cables to connect. As long as the POS is connected to your network, we can connect either via WIFI or ethernet.